Neighborhood Pros LLC is a family owned and operated company that was established in 2009 with one purpose – to cater exclusively to the landscaping needs of the residential home owner.

Our team and qualified professionals in landscaping, will see your landscaping ideas come to life.

 Neighborhood Pros LLC will create an elegant combination of landscape and hardscape, where the vivid, yet soft texture of beautiful flowers & shrubs compliment the warm, subtle charm and radiance of wooden arbors and trellises around your home.

Because you deserve to have envy inspiring landscape, one that includes an impressive mixture of utility and beauty, with a bold vibrant mix of color, texture, shape and style.

Your yard will be an environment where the hardscape of river rock stone or an elegant paver patio blends perfectly with the soft touch of mulched flowerbeds. Neighborhood Pros LLC can incorporate all elements into your landscape in a single installation, where cool cascading water from your waterfall, koi pond or even pond-less water feature can meet the unmistakable warmth of fire romantically crackling from a custom designed fire-pit. Boulders and natural stone pulled directly from the earth can be paired with gentle frons and leaves dancing in the wind. Does this sound like Eden?




Give us a call when you are ready for a professional lawn service to service your weekly lawn maintenance needs. Our weekly “Manicure” service includes a mowing, trimming and edging as well as thorough cleanup of your lawn.

How about dependability? We service your lawn on the same day every week, not some random schedule that constantly keeps you guessing. And if it rains on your scheduled day, we don’t skip you until the next week, we get it done for you the very next day it’s not raining, even on Saturday if need be. We are fully licensed and insured.