Exceeding your expectations is our passion
Have a lawn that will make the neighbors jealous!
…without compromising the safety of your family, pets, or the environment.

Many of our customers want to know how we produce such excellent results and still reduce or eliminate impact on our ecosystem.  Here are just some of the ways we do just that:

We have incorporated more organic components than ever into our turf care regiment, allowing for a more natural, healthy lawn with fewer chemicals.
A huge amount of advertisement is out there in reference to the harmful effects of fertilizer running off into our waterways, destroying our fish and crab populations. Improper use of fertilizer can lead to these problems. Over application of immediate release fertilizers do not allow for proper absorption into the soil, causing run-off. We only use slow release fertilizers and apply them properly, making them completely safe and environmentally friendly
Core aeration annually helps to reduce surface tension and allows proper air, water and nutrient exchange into the soil, reducing the need for fertilizer, and making much more effective use of available water, allowing a much higher retention of it in your soil. It also helps with the proper decomposition of recycled grass clippings.
By attempting to prevent problems from occurring in your lawn before they start, we reduce the need for additional treatments and applications, providing you a safer more healthy lawn. Some examples are pre-emergent controls for crabgrass and other weeds as well as prevention of lawn disease by reducing harsh immediate release fertilizers that feed fungus during the warm summer months.
Many of our customers want to know how they can change their lawn and landscape practices to be more “green”. We feel it is our responsibility as experts in the field to keep in touch with you as the customer and let you know what is best for the lawn and the environment. Examples include changes in habits such as: watering and mowing habits

That is our specialty!

We are a full service landscaping company specializing in landscape installation. We can beautify your existing landscape or install a completely new one for you. Great landscaping is a mix of color, style and symmetry, and we can provide you with a perfect mix of it all. From palms to pansies we can design one for you. We can clean up and renovate your existing landscape and bring new life into an old boring one. We do more than just installation and renovation. We do shrub trimming, mulching, flagstone, river rock, pea pebbles, pavers, boulders, sand, concrete statuary, waterscapes and just about anything else you could imagine.

Weekly Mowing and Lawn Maintenance
Dependability, Excellence and Affordability !

…Never have to wonder if your lawn care company will show up ever again. Our highly trained, professional staff gives you the results you want, with the dependability you expect, at a price you can afford.

Landscape installation, Design and Maintenance
Have a landscape that mirrors you unique style! You deserve an envy inspiring, custom landscape, an impressive mixture of utility and beauty, with a bold vibrant mix of color, texture, shape and style? How about a place to relax & unwind, to showcase, or simple to admire?

Sod Installation
Why wait for a perfect lawn, when you can have it NOW! NO waiting, no thin, emaciated looking lawn until September – because that’s the only time when you can seed your lawn. Have a new lawn installed, and begin enjoying a thick, plush, beautiful lawn…..right now!

We can turn that bumpy, hard, compacted soil into plush green grass in a single day. We can start by grading your current lot to get rid of all of the bumps that make mowing a nightmare and removing the nasty weeds that are currently there. We then can roll out a beautiful carpet of fresh green grass for an instant lawn. There is no faster or more effective way of obtaining a beautiful, thick, plush green lawn. Get the lawn you’ve always dreamed of. 

Hardscaping: Paver Installation, Driveways, Walkways, Patios, Pool Decks and more
The elegance and class of pavers cannot be equaled by any other product on the market today. With nearly limitless options of colors, patterns, shapes and sizes, your project can be as personal as it is beautiful. From the timeless refinement and class of a durable paver driveway that never cracks or needs replacement to the rustic beauty and ambiance of a patio finished by a jasmine covered pergola, pavers can be as modern and sophisticated or have as much old world charm as you can imagine.

The versatility, beauty, and durability make pavers the premier choice for your pool deck or outdoor living space. Finish you paver pool deck with exquisite paver pool coping creating a finished look of pure class. Entertain in style with an outdoor entertainment area that rivals any indoors.